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Commercial Solar and Battery Development

A leader in commerical solar and commerical battery projects.

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Building a Clean Energy Future

At Solway Development LLC, we are dedicated to shaping a cleaner energy future. Our base in Boston positions us as a pivotal player in this transformative journey.

Specializing in commercial solar and battery solutions, we are committed to developing, managing, and sustaining renewable energy assets that power communities across New England, throughout the nation and worldwide. Solway is specifically focused on renewable energy projects such as stand-alone batteries (BESS), rooftop solar (RTS), and solar canopies in highway medians (the Green Mile – TGM).

Proven Leadership in Development

Our founders, John Iredale and Jim McAuliffe, bring a wealth of experience with a combined 75 years in real estate and solar development. Between the two of them, Mr. Iredale and Mr. McAuliffe have completed over $1 billion in real estate and solar development.

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Commercial Battery Storage

As champions of renewable energy, we understand the vital role of battery storage in maximizing the potential of solar and wind energy. Solway is pioneering the deployment of stand-alone batteries, which bridge the gap between energy production and peak demand. Our 5-megawatt batteries ensure a reliable power supply, supporting the transition to a fully renewable energy system. With projections indicating the need for thousands of such batteries in Massachusetts alone, Solway's innovative leasing model not only facilitates grid stability but also fosters sustainable partnerships with non-profits, securing their financial future for decades to come.

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